Factory Integration

Factory Integration

Upgrading Your System Around Your Factory Radio

We get it.
You love your dash radio, and you don't want to mess with it. But maybe you're not thrilled with the sound quality of your factory system.
Maybe the sound is a little rough...
Or maybe you want more bass...
Or maybe it just doesn't get loud enough for you without snap, crackle, pop...
Luckily there are options to solve your factory system woes that don't include swapping out your existing radio or tearing up that lovely dash.

We Hear You, Loud and Clear
When you add more power to an audio system, your dynamic range improves dramatically. So if music sounds distorted at high volumes or you simply want your current system to be louder, you should definitiely consider adding an amplifier. You'll get instantly clearer sounds with a much larger range of volume level. Overall, adding amplification is one of the best upgrades you can make to increase the total performance of your system.

Become the Ace of Bass

Most factory sound systems can't give you impressive, high quality bass range because they don't come standard with subwoofers. Adding just a single subwoofer to your system will turn your playlist into a live concert.

Speak(er) Up!

Trust us, once you hear music through a set of quality replacement speakers, those old factory speakers will sound...well, old. Replacing factory speakers is an easy and inexpensive route toward enhancing your ride's sound. But if you really want to make your buddies jealous, pair up those new speakers with an amp and subwoofer — all while keeping your dash radio in one piece.

And Don't Forget...

Every vehicle is different. So work with a professional who knows exactly what your car needs and how to install it — like us. (Or trust these guys.) There is one part of your system we always recommend you do yourself... Show it off!

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