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May 21, 2020


2020 Marine Audio

Exploring the differences and benefits of marine audio-grade audio gear.
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Marine Audio
Fishing, Swimming, Cruising, or Just Making Waves? We Got You.
Summer Sun? Check.
Summer Fun? You've got it covered.
A system in your boat, motorcycle, or ATV that's as much fun as you are?
We can help with that one.
Marine Audio Gear – More than Just a Color Difference
Yes, marine gear tends to be white and/or silver compared to the darker, black products you'd see in your car. But there's a LOT more going on under the surface that you might not know.
The elements can be tougher than you think on electronic audio systems.
Marine Grade
Understanding the marine-grade designation
First, "marine-grade" does not necessarily mean waterproof (see IP Rating below). These products are manufactured to withstand elements within marine environments – water splashes or rain, strong winds, and saltwater corrosion – and function long term in those conditions.
IP Ratings Chart
What do IP ratings mean & are they important?
IP ("Ingress Protection") ratings define levels of sealing effectiveness against foreign bodies like dirt and moisture, indicating which products are best for different purposes.
So yes, important.
The first digit after the "P" indicates solid body protection, and the second digit moisture protection. For example, a speaker rated IPX5 is water-resistant only, but an IP65 speaker is both water-resistant and dust-proof.
View the complete IP Rating chart.
How Are Marine Products Built Differently?
Conformal-coated circuit boards to guard against rust, UV protected & water-resistant faceplates.
Rubber caps for RCA inputs, silicone boots for fuses, gasket-sealed front covers, conformal-coated circuit boards.
Wider dispersion path for greater sound projection, increased power performance, stronger grilles.
Waterproof rubber gaskets, sealed motors, UV-resistant cones, and improved magnetic shielding.
Shopping Guide
Shopping Guide
Before you spend a penny, first consider what you generally like to do on the water – fish? wakeboard? ski? speed? or party boat soaking up the sun? livin' large?
Fishing Boat: Receiver and speakers
Party Barge: Digital receiver, LED speakers, subwoofer, amplifier
Ski or Wakeboard: Digital receiver tower speakers, bonus-power amplifier, powerful subwoofers
Livin' Large: Multi-zone digital receiver, remote controls, speakers and/or tower speakers, multi-channel & sub amplifiers
Let us help you pick your gear!
There's really nothing better than relaxing or playing on a summer day while listening to your favorite tracks, especially this year. If you have any doubts about which products to choose for your adventure on the waves, just give us a call.
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